Mass analysis by Ar-GCIB-dynamic SIMS for organic materials

Masato Suzuki, Masashi Nojima, Makiko Fujii, Toshio Seki, Jiro Matsuo

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Generally, dynamic secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) has been mainly used as one of the most powerful tools for inorganic mass analysis. On the other hand, an Ar gas cluster ion beam (GCIB) has been developed and spread as a processing tool for surface flattening and also a projectile for time-of-flight (ToF) SIMS. In this study, we newly introduced an Ar-GCIB as a primary ion source to a commercially available dynamic SIMS apparatus, and investigated mass spectra of amino acid films (such as Arginine and Glycine) and polymer films (Polyethylene: PE and Polypropylene: PP) as organic model samples. As a result, each characteristic fragment peak indicating the original molecular organic structure was observed in the acquired mass spectra. In addition, their own molecular ions of the amino acids were also clearly observed. Mass spectra of PE/PP blended-polymer films acquired using Ar-GCIB-dynamic SIMS could be identified between pure PE and PE:PP = 1:3 mixture by applying principal component analysis (PCA).

ジャーナルSurface and Interface Analysis
出版物ステータスPublished - 1 2 2015