A survey on the awareness of community pharmacists about raising pharmaceutical questions regarding prescriptions issued by physicians

Yoshiaki Shikamura, Junichi Takahashi, Akiko Oyama, Kenichi Negishi, Kazushige Ijyuin, Naoki Kamimura, Takao Aoyama

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Community pharmacists can provide effective pharmaceutical care by questioning the physicians about their prescriptions. The regulatory authority (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare or the like) has been issuing instructions/ advice to health insurance-covered pharmacies about the nature of questions to be asked to physicians under the national health insurance system. However, this practice has been facing similar kind of problems almost every year. To identify the reasons for repetition of the problems and facilitate proper application of drug therapy at hospitals, we recently examined the nature of questions asked to physicians by conducting a survey of 165 health insurance-covered pharmacies belonging to 8 district branches of the Japan Pharmaceutical Association. When the pharmacists were asked to express their view whether each of the 18 sample questions included in the past surveys was actually necessary, the most frequent answer from the respondents (n=1980) was "neutral" (42.9%), followed by "unnecessary" (29.0%) and "necessary" (26.6%). Further, 55.5% respondents answered that it is necessary to refer to publications of the concerned fields (guidelines, etc.) when questioning the prescriptions. However, the responses about the possible reasons for judging the necessity of the questions suggested that sometimes the pharmacists failed to understand the details of such publications. The results from this study suggest that a high percentage of community pharmacists believed that there was little need to ask questions about prescriptions if the suggestions made by the regulatory authority about the relevant questions were taken into account. Further, our study findings suggested that pharmacists working at clinics cannot present a clear-cut rationale for their judgment about the necessity of asking questions about prescriptions under the current circumstances where sufficient information collection and the evaluation of need for asking questions about prescriptions are not possible.

ジャーナルYakugaku Zasshi
出版ステータスPublished - 2011


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