A model for compartment fire behavior incorporating fire growth and vitiation

Daisuke Goto, Yoshifumi Ohmiya, Michael A. Delichatsios

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The burning behavior for non-charring fuels is modeled to predict the fire behavior in a compartment. This modeling considers the following phenomena: (i) the reduction of heat transfer from flames due to lack of oxygen mass fraction; and (ii) the thermal feedback from the smoke layer and walls. In addition, a compartment integrated zone model is developed to obtain the parameters which are necessary for the prediction of fuel burning behavior. Namely, this approach applies a two-zone model for the growth or pre-flashover stage and a one-zone model for the fully-developed or post-flashover stage which also incorporates the fuel burning behavior. Fire experiments in a cubic compartment are conducted to validate this model. Overall, calculations of this integrated compartment model give good agreement with the experiments of mass loss rate and temperature in the compartment.

ジャーナルFire Safety Science
出版ステータスPublished - 2011
イベント10th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science - College Park, MD, United States
継続期間: 19 6月 201124 6月 2011


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