Outgassing performance of an ionic liquid-based magnetic fluid

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In this study, an ionic liquid (IL)-based magnetic fluid (MF) (IMF; IL-based MF) and dispersant was synthesized to create MF seals for rotational mechanisms in high-vacuum chambers, such as those in rotational electron beam mastering systems. The synthesized dispersant dispersed magnetite nanoparticles in pyridinium ionic liquid that is stable under magnetic fields. The outgassing from the IMF was investigated using a quadrupole mass spectrometer during a sliding test under high-vacuum conditions with a pressure of 10 −6 Pa. The fragmentation pattern of the outgassing from the IMF was very similar to that of the base IL. Pollution-causing fragments were not detected under vacuum conditions on the order of 10 −9 Pa. On the basis of our findings, we anticipate that the IMF is suitable for use in MF seals required in clean, high-vacuum conditions.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Jun 2019


  • Dispersant
  • High-vacuum
  • Ionic liquid
  • Magnetic fluid
  • Magnetic fluid seal
  • Outgassing

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