Evaluation of Perioperative Intestinal Motility Using a Newly Developed Real-Time Monitoring System During Surgery

Maho Ogawa, Tsutomu Namikawa, Toyokazu Oki, Masaya Munekage, Hiromichi Maeda, Hiroyuki Kitagawa, Ken Dabanaka, Takeki Sugimoto, Michiya Kobayashi, Osamu Sakata, Kenichi Matsuda, Kazuhiro Hanazaki

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Background: This study aimed to investigate perioperative intestinal motility using a novel bowel sound monitoring system in patients undergoing breast and neck surgery. Materials and methods: This study enrolled 52 patients who underwent surgery for breast cancer, thyroid tumor, and parathyroid tumor at Kochi Medical School from May 2019 to June 2020. Perioperative bowel sound counts (BSCs) were recorded using a newly developed real-time analysis system in the operating theater. Clinical information and BSC per minute (cpm) data during the preanesthetic, preoperative, operative, postoperative periods, and period in recovery room were obtained to compare between each period. The Mann–Whitney U and Pearson Chi-square tests were used in data analysis. Results: The BSCs during the intraoperative period and postoperative period were significantly decreased compared to those during the preanesthetic period (0.07 cpm versus [vs.]. 1.4 cpm, P = 0.002 and 0.1 cpm vs. 1.4 cpm, P = 0.025, respectively). The preoperative BSC with a preanesthetic BSC < 1.4 was significantly lower than that with a preanesthetic BSC ≥ 1.4 (0.40 cpm vs. 1.78 cpm, P = 0.006). The preanesthetic, preoperative, and postoperative BSCs with an intraoperative BSC < 0.07 were significantly lower than those with an intraoperative BSC ≥ 0.07 (0.48 cpm vs. 2.83 cpm, P = 0.007; 0.40 cpm vs. 1.81 cpm, P = 0.008; and 0.07 cpm vs. 0.42 cpm, P = 0.006, respectively). Conclusion: The real-time bowel sound analysis system demonstrated an inhibitory effect associated with anesthetic and surgical stress on intestinal motility as the BSC sequentially.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)451-458
Number of pages8
JournalWorld Journal of Surgery
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2021

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