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Tokyo University of Science was founded in 1881 as the Tokyo Butsurigaku Koshujo (Tokyo Academy of Physics) by 21 young scientists who have not yet graduated from the University of Tokyo. After more than 130 years of history, it developed into Japan's largest university of science and technology with 7 faculties and 31 departments at 4 campus. Following on the founding philosophy of 'Building a Better Future with Science', our university has always strived towards the goal of enhancing human lives by understanding of natural phenomena thorough study and research in sciences as well as the development of innovative new engineering skills, materials and technologies. In 2031, which marks the 150th anniversary, Tokyo University of Science established a long-term vision called "TUS VISION 150," which depicts the ideal form of this university. In addition, we formulated the "Three-Year Medium-Term Plan for Tokyo University of Science (FY2019-2021)" to realize this vision.

Four Targets (Three-Year Medium-Term Plan for Tokyo University of Science (FY2019-2021))
〇 Education: Practicing Practical Education to Produce Worldwide-Available Human Resources
〇 Research: Establishment of the World's Lead Creative Research Center
〇 Student Support: Enhancement of Student Support for Diverse Students
〇 Promotion of internationalization: Leading to a global university of science and technology that connects with the world

Under the Organization for Research Advancement established to formulate and promote research strategies and to improve the academic standard of this science through the revitalization of research organizations, Tokyo University of Science aims to create creative research centers that lead the world in a wide range of fields from basic research to applied research. We are promoting research unique to science, developing environments to strengthen research capabilities, and returning research results to society.

Four Research Goals (Mid-Term Plan 2019-2021)
〇 Improvement of global presence in research
〇 Increase in external financing
〇 Fostering and acquiring a diverse range of researchers worldwide
〇 Development of Research Environment and Support System

Collaborations and top research areas from the last five years

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